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How to keep your business IT simple

Oct 27, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Business IT support, Cloud computing, Computer support, IT Support  //  No Comments

Those 3 words are key for any business right now. Especially now in this golden age of technology we are currently living in. Over complicated systems and processes have only one net result – risk. We strongly believe in those 3 words, so much in fact that we have built The IT Guy’s strap line on it ‘We make IT simple’.
Are you a small business? Then it’s great for you guys as you could probably get away with no server and use cloud computing to your advantage. Hosted Exchange for email and Dropbox for your docs is perfect. Combine this with a robust backup solution and you really are keeping IT simple.

Are you a bigger business? Then you may need a server, but that’s ok. You can still use Hosted Exchange for your email reducing the workload that your server is put through. This will also aid your Disaster Recovery plan. Try using web based applications for any software that you may need to use. This means essentially that your server then becomes just a device for file sharing. Congratulations, you are also keeping your IT simple.

Of course there will be instances when you can’t keep IT simple, every business is different and the above are basic examples, but have you asked the question… Can we make our IT simple? It’s worth a shot and if you can simplify the systems you are using, you will benefit hugely.

Rain, rain, go away – actually, maybe YOU should go away…

May 11, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Business IT support, Cloud computing, IT Support  //  No Comments

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Let’s face it the British weather isn’t the best in the world. One week of sunshine and that’s classed as a summer. So, if the rain is getting you down and you are sat at your desk dreaming of sunny beaches and cocktails don’t despair.

With the technology available today it’s easier than ever to work from pretty much anywhere in the world and not lose touch with your customers. In fact around 90% of business owners openly admit they do some form of work when they go on holiday whether it’s just checking email or catching up on admin. The internet has us all connected wherever we are making the world a much smaller place.

If your company is using cloud technology then it makes going on holiday that little bit less stressful. Take a look at our checklist to see if your company benefits from these simple features that cloud technology can offer:

• Mobile email: If you are using Hosted Exchange then you will have all your email wherever you go whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet or simply logging onto a PC.

• Out of office: Probably the most important one, let people know you are away and when they can expect you back. This is a standard feature with Hosted Exchange.

• Access to documents: There are a wide range of applications out there that will enable you to view and edit a document whilst you are travelling. Products like Dropbox will have their own apps, with others you can simply log into them via a browser.

• Remote access: Software such as TeamViewer or LogMeIn will enable you to access your desktop at home or office from any laptop, phone or tablet.

All of the above are simple solutions designed to make your life… well… simple. So book that holiday, you deserve it, and please get in touch if we can help you enjoy it that little bit more – call us now on 01249 470 070

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