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How to keep your business IT simple

Oct 27, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Business IT support, Cloud computing, Computer support, IT Support  //  No Comments

Those 3 words are key for any business right now. Especially now in this golden age of technology we are currently living in. Over complicated systems and processes have only one net result – risk. We strongly believe in those 3 words, so much in fact that we have built The IT Guy’s strap line on it ‘We make IT simple’.
Are you a small business? Then it’s great for you guys as you could probably get away with no server and use cloud computing to your advantage. Hosted Exchange for email and Dropbox for your docs is perfect. Combine this with a robust backup solution and you really are keeping IT simple.

Are you a bigger business? Then you may need a server, but that’s ok. You can still use Hosted Exchange for your email reducing the workload that your server is put through. This will also aid your Disaster Recovery plan. Try using web based applications for any software that you may need to use. This means essentially that your server then becomes just a device for file sharing. Congratulations, you are also keeping your IT simple.

Of course there will be instances when you can’t keep IT simple, every business is different and the above are basic examples, but have you asked the question… Can we make our IT simple? It’s worth a shot and if you can simplify the systems you are using, you will benefit hugely.

Don’t just give your office a spring clean – give your technology a spring clean too!

Apr 5, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Business IT support, Computer support, IT Support  //  No Comments

Well that’s Easter over with. On a personal level you may be left with an Easter hangover of over-indulging but on a business level? It’s a funny time of year, as staff make the most of the bank holidays and have extended breaks. Everything seems to slow down a bit, so what better time than to have a good old spring clean! But we’re not talking about hoovering the office and flicking a duster about – no, we are talking technology here.

It’s a great time of year to give your IT a health check and also to take stock of what you have and what you are using. Maybe you could consolidate your equipment and ditch that old ‘spare’ pc which still has Windows XP on it and serves as no other purpose than a dust collector. Giving your PC’s a health check is a quick and simple process with massive gains. You can free up quite a bit of disk space, improve system performance and help prolong the life of your equipment.

It would also be a good idea to have an audit of what you have and plan for the year ahead. Any ageing PC’s you may have could be replaced during the year, and building that into your budget and yearly plan would help you implement this. Be ruthless – still have some Windows XP or Vista machines? You really shouldn’t! Still using Microsoft Office 2007? It needs to go by 2017.

If you need any help or guidance on how to do this please get in touch, we would be glad to help in any way we can – give us a call on 01249 470 070

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