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Internet browser freezes on banking sites

If you find that Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox is freezing when you try to log on to online banking, it may be because you have downloaded and installed Trusteer Rapport or Trusteer Endpoint Protection. It’s a piece of software that is supposed to help with security but in our experience causes more problems […]

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How to connect 2 external monitors to your laptop

In the mobile world in which we work today, many of us use a laptop as our main machine to work from. That’s great, but when you’re back in the office sat at your desk that small screen isn’t very productive. Well we have found this great device made by Plugable which is a universal […]

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Missing user accounts after Windows 10 upgrade

We have seen a few cases of user accounts that have disappeared after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Quite often the case is that the accounts have been disabled during the process – thanks Microsoft!! To fix this issue simply enable them by following the steps below: Open up the run box and […]

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Enable the Windows 10 Dark Theme

Bored of the usual Windows look and feel? So are we. But with the new Windows Update (Windows 10 Anniversary Update) you can change all that with a new ‘Dark Theme’ that has been introduced and it’s pretty simple to do. To enable the new dark theme, go to Settings > Personalisation > Colours. Scroll down […]

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Help your PC live longer with these simple tips

When your PC starts playing up it can be a real pain, but just like the human body you can help prolong it’s life by looking after it just that little bit better. Here are our top tips for looking after your computer: • Switch off at night – computers need a rest too • […]

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How to enable the administrator account in Windows 10

Where the hell is the built-in administrator account in Windows 10?!? It’s still there folks but those good people at Microsoft have just forgotten to enable it that’s all. So here is how to enable it: • Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > right click on Command Prompt and ‘run as administrator’ […]

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How to transfer Outlook 2010 Autocomplete

What is the most important thing people are concerned about when they change or move email programs? Their email? No. Their address book? No. Their Calendars? No. The answer is their Autocomplete feature. Autocomplete in Outlook 2010 is the .nk2 file equivalent of Outlook 2007 and older. It stores all email addresses that you have […]

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