Looking into the IT crystal ball... | it guy

Looking into the IT crystal ball…

Looking into the IT crystal ball…

That’s right – it’s that time of year when we predict which direction technology will be heading for in 2016. And this year we reckon it’s all about the hardware. Yes folks, those desktops PC’s that you cherish so much and those portable things called laptops are about to change.

Desktop towers and mini-towers are going to get smaller….considerably smaller. This is down to a couple of things. Firstly, there is no need for optical drives (that’s cd-drives to the less tech savvy) anymore. With fibre broadband readily available it’s all about the download and install – bye, bye cd’s! Also hard drives are getting smaller and cheaper, so a 500GB 2.5-inch drive is easy to find and solid-state disks are getting cheaper every day. There is also the new Intel Skylake processor which has built-in graphics removing the need for a graphics card. With just those 3 changes alone, the size of a PC can almost be halved straight away.

With laptops there isn’t much that will change, but expect them to get lighter and smaller still. We are already seeing a demand for more 13” and 14” devices and this will continue.  With both laptops and desktops 4GB RAM should be standard and we would always recommend you go above this where possible, ideally to 8GB – you’ll notice the difference.

Finally, this is the year Win 10 will really start to fly. With the free upgrade running out in July, businesses will be taking full advantage of this offer and saving ££££££’s by doing so.

We can source any hardware for you, and are very competitive thanks to the great relationships we have with our suppliers. If you are looking to purchase anything then gives us a call – we don’t bite!!

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