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Not using a VoIP phone system? Well you should be!

Jul 7, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   VoIP telephony  //  No Comments

“But I have a phone and it works perfectly fine!” Well yes, that may be true. But is that phone on a BT landline? Can you transfer a call? Put a customer on hold and have smooth music play in the background? Can you have voicemails emailed to your inbox? Does that phone ever get engaged? Can you use that phone anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection?!?!

The answer to those questions is probably no.

Using VoIP phone systems has so many benefits it’s unreal. The features that you can get with VoIP are in abundance, and you can tailor the phone system to do EXACTLY what you want it to do. Hunt groups, call groups, conference calls, voicemail, music on hold, remote working and unlimited telephone numbers with any geographical location – we could go on.

But it’s not just the features and simplicity that makes VoIP attractive to businesses, it’s the potential cost savings as well. VoIP calls are significantly cheaper than your average BT call, with businesses typically saving up to 40% on calls. If you factor in your old phone system then this cost can run into the thousands – not bad eh.

VoIP is a perfect solution for any sized business – it’s a scalable product and everything can be managed and configured from a simple web portal. So if you are not using VoIP then you really should be…
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