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Why your free antivirus is rubbish

Feb 9, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Antivirus  //  No Comments

When it comes to free antivirus products, The IT Guy has very strong opinions on the subject. And we are entitled to. Because on a weekly basis we get PC’s that are riddled with viruses. And when we say riddled we mean completely trashed. Unable to be used with pop ups all over the place saying you have a million Trojans ‘click here’ to buy the full licence of this product to clean it up, blah blah blah.

Why do you think the product is free in the first place? Sure it might offer a little protection but that’s not good enough. If you are not properly protected against Trojans you are at risk to lose everything on your PC. And if you haven’t backed up? Oh dear…….

Let’s not beat about the bush, let’s use the most common and popular product as an example: AVG Free Edition. In fact 99% of the infected machines that we clean up have this installed. Now guys, for around £20 you can have your PC protected against these evil Trojan’s for a year. The product we always recommend is Eset Endpoint Antivirus. Why? Because we know it works. And it works well.

But we’re not bullying AVG it happens on nearly all of them – even Microsoft Security Essentials. So do yourselves a favour please: DO NOT USE FREE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE. If you do then you will pay the price at some stage.

The IT Guy recommends Eset Endpoint Antivirus which we can also supply and install. Check it out here

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