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The death of the server… and why a server is harmful to your business

Mar 16, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   IT Support  //  No Comments

Now that’s a cracking headline to get your attention! A bit dramatic maybe, but there is an element of truth in there. Let us give you a brief idea of what we do for the majority of our customers – we go into their business, rip out the server, move them onto a cloud/hosted solution and ultimately end up saving them thousands on their ongoing IT support costs, whilst also improving their current systems and increasing productivity.

With the technology that is around today there is no way a small or medium sized business should even consider an in-house server until they have ruled out all the other options. A box sitting in the corner of the office churning away all day and night is not only a cash drain but a liability. If that box fails you’re company fails, the downtime can be days and you simply won’t be able to work. Compare that to a cloud based solution where all you need is an internet connection and you’re up and away.

Yes, the internet does go down occasionally but with remote working, you can simply work from a hotdesk or a Starbucks if you need to (other coffee house are available). And even with a server, if the internet went down you still couldn’t do any work as almost everything depends on the internet nowadays.

A little word of advice here, take it and act on it. Question your IT support provider and ask them if there is a better IT solution for your business. Old school IT support companies will hate this, as they see a server as a nice bit of income especially when it comes around to replacing it every 3 years. It’s a nice little earner and not in their interest to take that away from their balance sheets.

Cloud based technology is quite simply amazing, and for the small and medium sized business it’s a technology which can streamline your business and help you work smarter and more efficiently. It’s scalable, robust and cost effective. It allows you to budget for your IT and will give you peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable and versatile system in place.

We see the results and benefits of cloud based tech everyday. Yes, there are times when only a server will do – maybe you have bespoke software, or are a larger company with huge amounts of data, but 90% of small and medium business COULD and SHOULD make the move and start embracing this.

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