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Case study: John Williams Heating Services Ltd

May 19, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Business IT support, Email Hosting, IT Support  //  No Comments

John Williams Heating Services are our chosen case study this month. We have been supporting them for over 2 years now and put many improvements into their system to enable them to work more efficiently and reduce the risk of downtime.

John Williams Heating Services were using a BT Connect email address and a POP3 email account to collect it. This provided a number of issues:

• The email address didn’t look professional
• Emails were not getting backed up
• Their emails were not synchronised so nobody knew which emails had been dealt with
• When there was a problem they had to call BT which meant being on hold for a very long time

They were also using a single PC to share documents across their network. With different types of machines and operating systems on the network, this proved problematic and connectivity would often drop out leaving them frustrated and not being able to access their data.

The antivirus John Williams used had different licences, this meant that different machines would run out at different times and was difficult to manage.

We bought them a company domain name of and advised them to upgrade their website. We then moved their email onto our Hosted Exchange platform and made sure they were all using Microsoft Outlook. John Williams Heating Services really adapted to the new system very well, as they use one email address for all the admin/office functions. They came up with their own system of flagging emails that had been dealt with and prioritising emails, and because everything was in sync they could see what had been dealt with.

Sharing documents was an easy solution to fix. We simply installed Dropbox for them and moved all documents from the one PC into Dropbox. This resolved the problem of accessing data as Dropbox uses the internet to synchronise data across all the PC’s.

With their antivirus we moved them onto Eset Endpoint Antivirus. This is centrally managed by us and needs only 1 licence for all machines. It’s now much easier to keep track of when it expires and renewing every year is just a simple click of a button.

“We are extremely pleased with the support we receive from the team and also their quick response times when things occasionally go wrong. We wouldn’t hesitate recommending The IT Guy for peace of mind”
John Williams Heating Services

John Williams Heating Services have provided exceptional heating and boiler services for over 25 years and are well known as domestic, landlord and letting agency heating and plumbing specialists.

Rain, rain, go away – actually, maybe YOU should go away…

May 11, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Business IT support, Cloud computing, IT Support  //  No Comments

Cloud computing IT support

Let’s face it the British weather isn’t the best in the world. One week of sunshine and that’s classed as a summer. So, if the rain is getting you down and you are sat at your desk dreaming of sunny beaches and cocktails don’t despair.

With the technology available today it’s easier than ever to work from pretty much anywhere in the world and not lose touch with your customers. In fact around 90% of business owners openly admit they do some form of work when they go on holiday whether it’s just checking email or catching up on admin. The internet has us all connected wherever we are making the world a much smaller place.

If your company is using cloud technology then it makes going on holiday that little bit less stressful. Take a look at our checklist to see if your company benefits from these simple features that cloud technology can offer:

• Mobile email: If you are using Hosted Exchange then you will have all your email wherever you go whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet or simply logging onto a PC.

• Out of office: Probably the most important one, let people know you are away and when they can expect you back. This is a standard feature with Hosted Exchange.

• Access to documents: There are a wide range of applications out there that will enable you to view and edit a document whilst you are travelling. Products like Dropbox will have their own apps, with others you can simply log into them via a browser.

• Remote access: Software such as TeamViewer or LogMeIn will enable you to access your desktop at home or office from any laptop, phone or tablet.

All of the above are simple solutions designed to make your life… well… simple. So book that holiday, you deserve it, and please get in touch if we can help you enjoy it that little bit more – call us now on 01249 470 070

The death of the server… and why a server is harmful to your business

Mar 16, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   IT Support  //  No Comments

Now that’s a cracking headline to get your attention! A bit dramatic maybe, but there is an element of truth in there. Let us give you a brief idea of what we do for the majority of our customers – we go into their business, rip out the server, move them onto a cloud/hosted solution and ultimately end up saving them thousands on their ongoing IT support costs, whilst also improving their current systems and increasing productivity.

With the technology that is around today there is no way a small or medium sized business should even consider an in-house server until they have ruled out all the other options. A box sitting in the corner of the office churning away all day and night is not only a cash drain but a liability. If that box fails you’re company fails, the downtime can be days and you simply won’t be able to work. Compare that to a cloud based solution where all you need is an internet connection and you’re up and away.

Yes, the internet does go down occasionally but with remote working, you can simply work from a hotdesk or a Starbucks if you need to (other coffee house are available). And even with a server, if the internet went down you still couldn’t do any work as almost everything depends on the internet nowadays.

A little word of advice here, take it and act on it. Question your IT support provider and ask them if there is a better IT solution for your business. Old school IT support companies will hate this, as they see a server as a nice bit of income especially when it comes around to replacing it every 3 years. It’s a nice little earner and not in their interest to take that away from their balance sheets.

Cloud based technology is quite simply amazing, and for the small and medium sized business it’s a technology which can streamline your business and help you work smarter and more efficiently. It’s scalable, robust and cost effective. It allows you to budget for your IT and will give you peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable and versatile system in place.

We see the results and benefits of cloud based tech everyday. Yes, there are times when only a server will do – maybe you have bespoke software, or are a larger company with huge amounts of data, but 90% of small and medium business COULD and SHOULD make the move and start embracing this.

Give us a ring today on 01249 470 070 and see how we can help your business with it’s IT needs

Why your free antivirus is rubbish

Feb 9, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Antivirus  //  No Comments

When it comes to free antivirus products, The IT Guy has very strong opinions on the subject. And we are entitled to. Because on a weekly basis we get PC’s that are riddled with viruses. And when we say riddled we mean completely trashed. Unable to be used with pop ups all over the place saying you have a million Trojans ‘click here’ to buy the full licence of this product to clean it up, blah blah blah.

Why do you think the product is free in the first place? Sure it might offer a little protection but that’s not good enough. If you are not properly protected against Trojans you are at risk to lose everything on your PC. And if you haven’t backed up? Oh dear…….

Let’s not beat about the bush, let’s use the most common and popular product as an example: AVG Free Edition. In fact 99% of the infected machines that we clean up have this installed. Now guys, for around £20 you can have your PC protected against these evil Trojan’s for a year. The product we always recommend is Eset Endpoint Antivirus. Why? Because we know it works. And it works well.

But we’re not bullying AVG it happens on nearly all of them – even Microsoft Security Essentials. So do yourselves a favour please: DO NOT USE FREE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE. If you do then you will pay the price at some stage.

The IT Guy recommends Eset Endpoint Antivirus which we can also supply and install. Check it out here

You have been warned…

The Great British Mailbox

Feb 3, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Email Hosting, IT Support  //  No Comments

Hosted Exchange email accounts

Well guys, this is really BIG news… because as of today our Hosted Exchange mailboxes now have a massive 125GB limit at no extra cost! We’ve increased the storage limit of all new and existing Exchange mailboxes, making them the largest available anywhere in the UK.

It’s also British. You can rest assured that your data is stored within UK shores and supported by a UK team. With ongoing concerns regarding Safe Harbour data privacy, it is now more important than ever that your data is held firmly within the UK by a company you can trust.

So if you are an existing customer then congratulations, and pat yourself on the back – by using us for your Hosted Exchange email you are onto a good thing.

Not an existing customer? Tsk, tsk… get in touch and have a chat with us about how we can help provide this amazing service to your company. We don’t bite!


Jan 3, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Email Hosting, IT Support, Online Backups, Remote Support, Website Hosting  //  No Comments

Hello and welcome to the new IT Guy website and brand – we hope you like it!

Business IT support and email hosting

In fact please do let us know what you think, all feedback is most welcome – good or bad! We are very excited about 2016 and have already moved into bigger offices and will be recruiting new staff very shortly. 2016 will see The IT Guy rapidly grow into what we believe will be the best IT Support company around and we want to take you on that journey with us. So if you are an existing customer then thank you very much for being with us – if you are not a customer yet then get in touch and see what we can do for you and your business. You don’t have to take our word for it, check out our amazing testimonials from a handful of our very happy customers!

Thanks for reading and have a very prosperous 2016!

How to choose a new laptop

Jan 3, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   IT hardware, IT Support  //  No Comments

It’s quite exciting when the time comes to choose a laptop. You know it’s going to be quicker, better, and allows you to work smarter. You’ll be able to watch DVD’s, stream music, videos and Skype with the whole world! But how do you go about choosing the right one?


First work out your budget……….and stick to it. The biggest mistake is saying ‘Oooohhh that has another 100 thingy’s in it’ or ‘For an extra £50 I can have it in pink….’ Don’t get distracted by non-important features. Now that you have your budget, you need to narrow down your search. This is pretty easy too. Nowadays you’ll only have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 – we recommend the professional versions. Next up is the screen size – either 15.4” or something smaller like a 13”. Ok now we are getting somewhere. Hold on – what about RAM and Hard Disk? Well we would recommend 4GB as a minimum; 6GB is preferable and at least 500GB Hard Drive. The last one is processor – DO NOT get a Celeron Processor. Go for latest i5 or if you can afford it, i7 processor.

So now you have your spec. I’m going for £450 max budget, 15.4” screen with Windows 10, 6GB RAM, 500GB hard drive with a i5 processor……….groovy!

But where do I find one?!? Well you can go to Comet, PC World or Currys and get ripped off quite easily. Take the hassle out of your purchase by letting us do the work for you. We have a great relationship with our suppliers so can often source products cheaper than anyone else.

All you need to do then, is sign up to The IT Guy to support it!! 😉

I’m sorry, it’s snowing….

Jan 3, 2016   //   by The IT Guy   //   Email Hosting, IT Support, Remote Support  //  No Comments

That white stuff is due to fall again – already the weather has caused problems all over the country, however for our customers that doesn’t really affect you. Why?! Because by using the latest – and very simple – technology, we can take control of your computer and fix those annoying issues that you have.

By using cloud technology and not relying on old fashioned IT support models, downtime is almost a thing of the past. If your office does suffer from an outage, your emails and documents can be accessed from a PC or laptop outside of your office – even through your mobile phone.


Just this morning, a letting agency called in distress that their PC had lost all their network connections and they couldn’t get emails, internet or shared docs. After listening to them it was discovered that this happened after a Windows Update. So by going into Device Manager and rolling back the appropriate driver the problem was fixed! To us that was very easy, but to the customer they had no idea, and were worried about not getting someone to visit due to weather.

Remote and telephone support is a powerful tool, and most of your problems can be fixed by this. Don’t sit on those niggling issues, let us know and we’ll resolve them for you!

So if you are ANYWHERE in the UK, or even the WORLD for that matter, we can always help you.

So why not say hello...

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