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The IT Guy – helping the UK’s estate agents succeed

The IT Guy – helping the UK’s estate agents succeed

Here at The IT Guy we provide business IT support for lots of different business sectors all up and down the country. Our simple, fast and affordable business IT support caters for and appeals to all businesses large and small, however there seems to be one business sector that has really took a shine to The IT Guy way…

Estate agents all over the UK are flocking to us for our business IT support – and why wouldn’t they?

• Unlimited instant telephone support for only £9.99 a month per PC!! If you have any issues we are simply at the other end of the phone. No call waiting. No pressing one to speak to an actual human. Just instant friendly brilliant IT support to fix your problems.

• Remote working. Not only can we logon and take control of your computers remotely anywhere in the world to fix your problems for you, but we can set your business and staff up to be able to work anywhere in the world without any issues and give you the ability to all share files, contacts and appointments.

• Email systems that work. With our Hosted Exchange email system it doesn’t matter where you are in the country – or even world! – Emails, contacts and diary entries are coming with you on your mobile device or tablet. You will NEVER miss an email or appointment again.

• Robust and reliable cloud technology. Let’s not be afraid of it, let’s embrace it. Cloud technology is here to stay and is incredibly ROBUST and RELIABLE. It’s also the future for all businesses, so if you are not using it you are already behind in the race! The beautiful thing about all this wonderful technology, is that when it comes to expanding and growing your Estate Agency you can do it very easily indeed. Setting up a new office has never been simpler using Cloud technology, just connect a PC to the internet and you can be working in no time at all. It’s that SIMPLE.

• Hosted VOIP telephony. The telephones are imperative to any business. But when you have different offices communication between them can get a bit tricky but not with our systems. You can communicate between branches and transfer calls as if that person was sat next to you, with a simple touch of a button – it’s great!

Michael Antony, Anthony Pepe, Martin & Co and F1rst Move are just a few estate agents that we support with their business IT…

“The IT Guy have been absolutely brilliant in keeping our office computers running smoothly. They are always quick to respond to and to deal with any technical issues we may have and their straightforward advice over the telephone is always very helpful.  A brilliant and friendly team to have supporting us and we would highly recommend them every time.” Michael Antony Estate Agents

Here is a great little handy brochure on how and why The IT Guy is such a perfect fit for estate agents and why they love us so…

Click here for our PDF Brochure

So if you would like to know more about how our services can help your business, then please do get in touch today – we are sure we can help!

  • "They stood out as being the most knowledgeable
    and accessible company to use, their friendly service has subsequently been exemplary. We would
    recommend them without hesitation."Joint Operations
  • "The IT guy are always happy to help and offer a hands on, no jargon approach. We have worked with The IT Guy for a number of years and it’s always a pleasure to deal with them."Anka Metal Coatings
  • "The IT Guy have been absolutely brilliant in keeping our office computers running smoothly. Always quick to respond and to deal with any technical issues we may have, we would highly recommend them every time."Michael Antony Estate Agents
  • "We are extremely pleased with the support we receive from the team and also their quick response times when things occasionally go wrong. We wouldn’t hesitate recommending The IT Guy for peace of mind"John Williams Heating Services

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