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What is Hybrid Cloud?

There is a new buzz word on the street. Designed to confuse and baffle the millions of people out there that have just got used to the term ‘The Cloud’. It’s a word that will strike fear into the heart of many techies and will have everyone racing to Google and Wiki to find out exactly what it is. The word is Hybrid Cloud.

Not so scary at all is it? In fact most of you are already using it in a basic form. You could class Dropbox as Hybrid-Cloud in a crude sense. Wiki describes it as ‘A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing infrastructure composed of two or more clouds (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability’………whatever…..

There are many products, of which some are really very, very good. One of these is called Egnyte which we will be reviewing shortly. These products are replacing servers for small businesses everywhere, and are cost effective, user friendly and maintenance free. No more £90 p/h charges for your server guy eh?!

You can give access rights to certain individuals such as Read, Read/Write, Read/Write/Delete and create 100’s of users for a small monthly fee.

We will give you more details in our upcoming review, but basically…….Hybrid Cloud is comprised of a cloud server and a local or private cloud. Simples.

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  • Nick:


    Looking forward to your review, mate. I’ve not seen Egnyte before but I’m definitely going to have a look. Thanks for the pointer :-)


  • at a conference sohetming to the effect that Cloud Comuting is a a big Buzz about nothing, we have been doing it for years but since it is fashion, we will have a Cloud announcement. I am interested in small nonprofit space. I would start with Google, Amazon and force for ease of learning curve, deployment and avoiding hardware ownership.

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