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Why aren’t you using Google Apps for Email?!?

One of the most common problems our customers have is email – great when it’s working, a complete bloody nightmare when it’s not! So many of you have these horrible POP 3 accounts and then link them to your phone. Emails are everywhere, nothing is synced, you plug your phone in to your PC to update contacts – I mean this is the 21st Century here and you’re plugging your phone into your PC to update the whole thing….crazy!

And then there’s the backing up of your .pst file (where your email is stored) or the NOT backing up of it as many of you do. So the hard drive fails, you backed up last week but forgot to do your emails. They are gone. And your contacts.

Here are 2 words for you – Google Apps. There you go. That’s what you need. Whether you’re a small office of 2 people or a large office of 200, this is the shizzle. And before you scream ‘but we love using Outlook our users can’t change now!’ ……you can still use Outlook. Good eh?!

It will only cost you £33 per year (£2.75 per month) for 1 user login. If you want to share the login it will still cost you only 1 licence. If you are on your own and have 3 or 4 different email domains it will still only cost you £33 per year. However if you want yourself and another to have their own address and login then it will be an extra £33 (£2.75 per month).

You will also be able to sync emails, calendar and contacts with your mobile Smartphone, tablet PC and PC/laptop/MAC and any other computer in the world! Your email will also be backed up and be reassured that Google are looking after you. You will be able to access your email from anywhere at anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

If you would like more info, get in touch. Ask yourself the question.

You NEED to be using cloud software, so start doing it now.

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